CTECS Work-Based Learning (WBL) program offers students work experience that aligns with their trade program pathway, post-secondary, and career plans that benefits the student, employer, and local community.

  • Allows a student to work for an employer during their trade instructional time.
  • Students not only receive credit toward their career technology, but also get paid.
  • To participate, students must be at least 16 years of age, a junior or senior, and in good standing in academics and trades.
  • Once a WBL employer is identified, the student will work with the WBL Coordinator to complete an application.
  • Provides paid work experience
  • Promotes partnership between education and industry
  • Integrates academic and technical instruction
  • Provides post-secondary options
  • Earn wages while learning from skilled professionals
  • Increase career options and future employability
  • Strengthen academic skills
  • Earn post-secondary credit while in high school
  • Experience potential careers in the workplace
  • Provides an opportunity to prepare future employees.
  • Offers a source of skilled and motivated future employees.
  • Offers an opportunity to provide community services.
  • Increases employer visibility in education.
  • Provides an opportunity to communicate required job-specific skills to educational personnel.
  • Provides an informed, competent, and productive future workforce.
  • Ensures cooperation and understanding between education, business, and the community.
  • Enhances awareness of local employment opportunities.
  • Builds the foundation for a more productive local economy.

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